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By: Mike Resendez


​What Are You Willing To Sacrifice?

​This story is not as serious as the title would have you believe. Players and coaches talk all the time about the habits they give up or things they want to do to change the culture of what they are used to. They do it for superstitious reasons, to break bad habits, or to help them stay focused on what is at hand.  Final Four weekend is one of those times.

Professional athletes will do this from time-to-time, especially during a playoff run. LeBron James comes to mind as someone that will drop off social media during a playoff run. On the flipside, Antonio Brown increases his social media presence.

Texas Tech Head Coach Chris Beard, Redshirt Senior Norense Odiase, and Sophomore Jarrett Culver know all about giving things up.

Coach Beard decided before the first official practice of the season that he would give up drinking beer, eating desserts, and candy. “It hasn’t been easy.  We make sacrifices every year. Team, players, before we start official practice, we pick this up.” He went on to say, “In our culture, if you say you’re going to do it, you’d better do it, or you’re going to get roasted.”

As far as whether Coach Beard has given up all sugar, “Did you know a Pop-Tart is not a dessert? It’s a breakfast. I’ve eaten a lot of Pop-Tarts, man, since October.”

Although the players did not mention if they gave up sugar, they did mention that they have cut down on their phone use. Norense Odiase gave us his insights. “We played on the road at Oklahoma, and it was a good idea to stay focused, locked in, get some rest, and we went on a big winning streak.” Jarrett Culver added, “I feel like it’s been good for us. You can’t be on your phone.  You’re not on social media. You can’t talk to anybody. I feel like it helps us.”

The Texas Tech Red Raiders will make their first Final Four appearance on Saturday night as they face the Michigan State Spartans.​​