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The JK Movement S.A.Q. Camp July 2017

​On Monday July 10th, I was invited to attend the JK Movement Project S.A.Q. Camp at Highland Park Senior High.  S.A.Q. stands for, Speed, Agility, and Quickness.  Highland Park Athletes are invited to join this intense six week camp that is designed to help with the three areas listed above.  This is the fifth year that Johnny Allen and his Lead Instructor, Marc Brown, have been working with these athletes.

​On this particular day the participants were coming off a one week break for the Fouth of July.  During warm ups, the seniors that were in attendance took over leading the activities.  The most vocal leader was Josh Aune.  It's easy to see why the Golden Gophers wanted him on the football team.  He made sure everyone was lined up correctly and was going through each and every exercise.  Lead instructor Marc Brown and Chaz Sandifer, (weight lifter, Life and Wellness coach, and co-founder of Noir Elite Fitness) were on hand to give the athletes pointers and made sure proper technique was being used by everyone.  After lunges, spider crawls, and many other warm ups, it was time for the conditioning. 

​Conditioning was always the worst part of any practice for me growing up and the memories of those drills came flooding back.  I was happy that I was behind a lens for this part.  Marc has the athletes split up in two groups based on age.  The younger of the two groups started with the kettlebells and medicine balls while the older group ran the Triangle of Death.  Dane Blake, one of the summer interns helped with proper technique and motivation during this time.  I was surprised to see that no matter what drill they were going through and no matter how much work and effort they were putting in, they were all smiles.  That is a credit to the team that Johnny Allen has put together.  Please enjoy the pictures from Monday below, click on the images to enlarge.

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